Where is my cargo now?

Multi-modal shipment

International transportation often requires the use of several modes of transport: air, railway, maritime, road. This type of transportation makes it possible to deliver cargo “door to door”. Multi-modal transportation allows to rapidly deliver cargo anywhere in the world. Saule Logistic will take over the entire organization and coordination of the process.
Single contract, regardless the amount of involved modes of transport and transshipment points
International delivery anywhere in the world
Maximum use of all the advantages of a variety of vehicles
Reducing the time of transportation and shipping as a whole
Types and directions:

Saule Logistics services of multi-modal transportation include:

  • Pre-calculation of cargo delivery cost from the initial point to the final point based on the optimal logistics plan

  • Preparation of the necessary accompanying documents and permits

  • Cargo packing, loading and unloading

  • Coordination and control of cargo transportation on the entire length of the route

  • Free consultation on transportation organization

  • Free analysis of possible optimization of transport costs and payment options calculation to include the cargo of the customer to the cargo traffic of Saule Logistics from China and Europe.


Our company delivers in any direction:

  • Urgent shipments from China, Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia

  • Delivery of goods from Europe and North America

  • Express delivery of goods to Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States

Multi-modal transportation service specifics in Saule Logistics:

Multi-modal transportation involves composing complex transport routes. We provide a full range of logistics, warehousing, customs services in multi-modal transport.

Additional services for multi-modal transportation:

●      Cargo insurance for separate operations, and for the duration of the whole transportation process

●      Customs clearance of imports and exports

●      Intra-port forwarding

●      Secure storage, cargo consolidation

Direct contracts with maritime and air lines and a network of logistic support points in Latvia, China, Thailand, Russia, the CIS provides us with opportunity to optimize our customers' costs and to provide high flexibility and reliability of logistics solutions.