Where is my cargo now?

Maritime shipment

It is a convenient and economical way to transport cargo over long distances. Saule Logistics arranges delivery by sea as soon as is practicable. We have direct contracts with shipping lines and 11 years of experience in the organization of maritime transportation, in particular in transportation of industrial cargo.
Transportation of large loads
Intra-port forwarding
Vessel freight (search of vessel and conclusion of contract)
Control of transportation and handling timing
Cargo and directions:
Large quantities of any cargo, including container, bulky and oversized load.
We use different types of containers protecting cargo from damage:
Refrigerated type
Tanks, for bulk cargoes
With open top, for transportation of cargo with oversized height
Without wall sides for transportation of bulky cargo
From South-East Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India) to Europe and Russia. Delivery is carried out through the Baltic States, as well as North-West and Far East of Russia.
Range of road transportation services provided by Saule Logistics:

Maritime transportation is a complex cycle, which includes various cargo processing steps. Saule Logistics organizes the entire process of maritime delivery:

●     selection of the best and profitable route

●     cargo pick up and its transportation to the port

●     control of transport provision terms

●     intra-port forwarding

●     if necessary, cargo warehousing

●     customs clearance

●     documentary support

●     “door-to-door” cargo delivery

We have special solutions for prefabricated cargo. Moreover, having our own warehouses, we can minimize time of consolidation of prefabricated cargoes.

We have representative offices in China, Thailand, Latvia and Russian regions to effectively control the transportation process.