Where is my cargo now?

Safe storage of cargo

When organizing the logistics supply chain, we also provide storage services. Consignment warehouses are located in key logistics centers in China, Thailand, Latvia, and Russia. Your cargo will be under the protection of Saule Logistics, and you will reduce the cost of renting warehouse space and save your time, because we will select a suitable storage space based on the recommended storage conditions, process the cargo, and arrange its removal at the first request.
Service description:

We provide our own and leased warehouses for use, including:

●     prefabricated

●     funded

●     distribution warehouses

All sorts of cargo are accepted for storage. Safe storage will allow you to optimize the cost of labor, loading and unloading equipment, as well as to save from warehouses.

Urgent removal of cargo from the warehouse, provision of additional storage space for unscheduled cargo and removal of cargo from the territory of warehouse on the first request are possible.

The way we work:

Saule Logistics meets key customer requirements for safe storage, including:

●     Full range of warehousing services

●     Team of qualified professionals

●     Guarantee of your cargo safety

●     Transparent pricing and affordable tariffs

●     Warehouses for any type of cargo

Sole responsibility of Saule Logistics, warehouses and equipment are insured against all risks for additional protection against circumstances beyond our control.

Safe storage specifics in Saule Logistics:

●     Automated accounting

●     Identification, acceptance, placement, assembly, inspection, shipping and inventory are conducted by our experts

●     High quality of orders barching

●     Professional experts who will handle any specification cargo

Send us your inquiry, and the experts of Saule Logistics will conduct a free counselling session and provide calculation of storage expenses based on the specifics of storage in a particular country and your logistics solution.

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