Where is my cargo now?

Large size cargo shipment

Large size cargo shipment requires an individual approach and special services authorization. We will calculate the most efficient route, coordinate the process, accompany the cargo and deliver it anywhere in the world. With more than 11 years of experience, Saule Logistics is occupied with large size cargo transportation having extensive experience in the field of industrial and project logistics, including regular supplies to industrial enterprises.
International transportation of large size cargo
“Turn-key” delivery, solution of any related issues
Route working out with minimal costs and travel time
Free technical analysis of the existing plan of delivery and development of an alternative
Types and directions:

Saule Logistics services for large size cargo transportation include:

  • Rigging works

  • Collection and coordination of necessary permits

  • Preparation of special approval and agreement for cargo shipping

  • Transport selection

  • Development of delivery route considering all obstacles to the movement of cargo, including bridges, tunnels, etc.

  • Maintenance of cargo by pilots and STSI cars

  • Consultation with personal manager


Our company delivers in any direction:

  • Urgent shipments from China, Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia

  • Delivery of goods from Europe and North America

  • Express delivery of goods to Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States

Large size cargo transportation service specifics in Saule Logistics:

We provide transportation of all types of industrial equipment, construction, road machinery, turbines, generators and other oversized and heavy cargoes.

Additional services for large size transportation:

●      Cargo insurance

●      Customs clearance

Safe storage of cargo