Where is my cargo now?

Container shipment

Container shipment is a shipment with a special removable device (container). The containers may be attached to any kind of vehicle, which facilitates multi-modal transportation and transportation over long distances. Saule Logistics provides 20, 40 and 45 foot containers for transportation of various cargoes, in particular high and off gauge ones.
The most economical way to transport cargo over long distances
No need to repack cargo during multi-modal transportation
Cargo delivery even to places with no direct traffic
Reliable safety of cargo, since the container is locked with a seal, which may be removed only by the recipient
Types and directions:

Saule Logistics services in container deliveries include:

  • Container supply to the sender's warehouse

  • Delivery to the port or railway station

  • Container sealing

  • Routing

  • Delivery of cargo in container to the destination station

  • Removal of containers from the destination station

  • Free consultation on transportation organization

  • Free analysis of possible optimization of transport costs and calculation of payment options to include the customer cargo to the cargo traffic of Saule Logistics from China and Europe.


Cargo container transportation is carried through the Baltic States (Latvia), North-West and Far East of Russia with customs clearance and complete listing of related logistics services.

Container shipment service specifics in Saule Logistics:

Our company ships container cargoes in any direction by sea, railway or road. 

Additional services for transportation in containers:

●      Cargo insurance

●      Customs clearance

●      Safe storage of cargo