Where is my cargo now?

Placing orders

Saule Logistics offers a range of services in the sphere of foreign economic activity, including placing orders at manufacturers in China and Southeast Asia. We work with a large number of manufacturing companies and have both ready-optimized solutions, and a large number of resources for non-standard and individual requests.
Service description:

Organization of competitions and tenders for the supply, production and shipment terms control, quality control of supplied products. Based on our extensive experience, we offer a complete trade and logistics chain of import and export supply to our customers, including:

●     Search of supplier and manufacturer

●     Negotiation, samples request and trial supply

●     Solutions for distribution: control of residues and financial costs, implementation of sales plan, overstocking and its cash deficit prevention

●     Preparation and checking of documents for cargo delivery

●     Customs clearance of cargo

●     Transportation complex: international transport, customs clearance, intermediate or long-term storage

●     Products insurance

●     Detailed consultation 

The way we work:

We are continuously monitoring the market and carrying out market research. During the 11 years of its work, the company has developed a huge database of manufacturers from the field of industrial logistics to consumer goods, including clothing, electronics, appliances, and souvenirs.

This allows us to provide our customers with:

●      Quick search of manufacturer on the specified criteria: price, terms, type of product, level of quality

●      Already built and optimized supply chain of products

●      A set of advanced solutions for distribution

●      Individual approach

The head office of our company is located in Beijing, there are representative offices in Thailand. This provides an opportunity to quickly organize meetings and deliveries, control the process, and to be fluent in the language of both sides.

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