Where is my cargo now?


Cargo consolidation is the collection and storage of cargo from multiple senders for their further transportation in one document. It is not practical to use the whole vehicle for a small consignment, so it is transported as a part of other prefabricated cargo.

This reduces transportation costs and simplifies the procedure for accompanying documents.

Saule Logistics control the movement of cargo in Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia, and the CIS. We have our own warehouses in different locations around the world, so we offer the minimum consolidation time of cargoes.
Service description:

Cargo consolidation includes packaging, packing, bagging, labeling, containerization, and documentation. Safety of cargo, its speed of departure and saving the customer's funds depend on competent and efficient consolidation.

Consolidation plan: once the cargo arrives at the warehouse, it is processed and stored before the arrival and processing of other cargo for their consolidation.

What are the benefits: cargo consolidation can significantly reduce financial expenses of the customer and simplify paperwork.

Who this option is suitable for: in case of small-sized cargo shipping or transportation of small constant consignments of goods, consolidation is the best option regarding cost, time and labor.

The way we work:

1.     Regular schedule of release of trucks with prefabricated cargoes

2.     Providing all necessary services:

●      loading and unloading

●     international transportation

●     supply of export declarations

●     customs clearance

●     customs clearance of import, export and transit

●     safe storage of cargo

●     cargo insurance

3. Own warehouses in Latvia, China, Thailand, and Russia. Leased warehouses in key logistics centers around the world.

A large number of warehouses shows the reliability of our network. That means that your cargo will become a part of a large lot and will depart to its destination faster.

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