Where is my cargo now?

Express delivery

We have extensive practical experience in solving problems in the conditions of force majeure. Express delivery is possible at any moment from the pick-up of cargo from the supplier to catching up at the customs in the port of country of destination, on the route, as well as special “door-to-door” delivery.
Express delivery at any stage of logistics chain
Express “door-to-door” delivery during the day
International express delivery
Any cargo without any restrictions to the maximum weight
Types and directions:

1. The best routing, choice of vehicle:

  • Motor freight shipment

  • Air shipment

  • Rail shipment

  • Multi-modal shipment with well-functioning system of communication between members of the logistics chain

2. Cargo pick up at the sender

3. Preparation of the necessary documentation

4. Loading and unloading

5. Delivery to the recipient

We provide various types of express delivery from express cargo delivery on the same day to less urgent delivery within a few days.


Pick-up and express cargo shipments are possible abroad, as well as in Russia, in the CIS and Baltic states.

Express delivery specifics in Saule Logistics:

Saule Logistics experts will perform a free technical analysis of the existing plan for express delivery and will offer options to reduce costs and travel time.

Additional services:

●     Customs clearance of import, export, transit

●     Consolidation, safe storage of cargo