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Cargo insurance

Each customer of Saule Logistics can insure its cargo on favorable terms. We have been cooperating with reliable insurance companies for many years and have substantial experience in settlement of insurance claims. Our primary objective is to ensure maximum safety of cargo during transportation. However, there are various types of accidents, which are beyond the freight forwarder control, and cargo insurance will compensate for financial losses.
Service description:

Cargo insurance is a real opportunity to ensure maximum safety for cargo, backed by its financial guarantees. At the conclusion of insurance contract, an objective assessment is made allowing to establish the degree of risk. This means that at any stage of transportation we can minimize all possible risks and prevent the occurrence of an insured event.

Our conditions of insurance guarantee:

●     Insurance of cargo during the loading from the sender and unloading at the recipient

●    Insurance of cargo during transit warehousing

●    Insurance of cargo during transfer from one vehicle to another

●    Insurance of cargo during transportation

Long-term relationships with insurance companies and a large volume of orders on insurance allow us to offer favorable rates to our customers.

Sole responsibility of Saule Logistics is insured in the largest European insurance company for additional protection against circumstances beyond our control.

The way we work:

1. We are negotiating independently at all stages: from preparation of the insurance policy to the payment of insurance compensation in case of occurrence of insured events.

2. Settlement of disputes in the case of insurance event takes place without the involvement of the owner of the cargo. We represent your interests, so you do not have to apply to the insurance company.

3. We provide all conditions of insurance with any insurance risk coverage level:

●      on “all risks” conditions, where the full value of cargo is compensated if it is lost or the cost of repairing if damaged. The most profitable and reliable solution.

●      on “limited insurance” conditions, where the compensation is carried out, if the damage / loss resulted from certain events. 

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