Where is my cargo now?

Air shipment

Air cargo transportation is the best option if you need to deliver a valuable cargo in the shortest possible time. Moreover, fast does not mean expensive: if properly organized, the balance in speed and cost of shipment is maintained. We have gathered the world leaders in air shipment. That means that you have a wide schedule of flights at your disposal, which provides an opportunity to deliver cargo from point A to point B at any time.

Covering long distances in a short time
Express delivery in 1 day
Free advice on the organization of air shipment
Customs clearance, cargo storage and insurance
Cargo and directions:
All sorts of goods are accepted for air shipment, including souvenirs, prefabricated and small-lot shipment, automotive parts and components, electronics and household appliances, and clothing.
Southeast and East Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, the CIS countries. In the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, cargoes are delivered through airports in the Far East, Siberia and the western part of the Russian Federation.
Range of air shipment services provided by Saule Logistics:

Through direct collaboration with major airline companies, we offer fast air transportation with a wide schedule of flights. Based on the parameters of cargo and direction, you can select:

●      delivery of cargo by passenger or cargo flight

●      charter for large cargo or for cargo which requires special conditions of delivery

●      multi-modal transportation, which involves several modes of transport in different parts of the route for optimal logistics.

We represent a complex supply chain that covers the whole world and solves also the following related issues:

●     Customs clearance

●     Transportation to the consignee's warehouse

●     Materials handling

●     Warehousing and storage, cargo consolidation

●     Cargo insurance

Delivery time is 1-2 days, cargoes are shipped according to airlines schedule.