Where is my cargo now?

Work with manufacturers and suppliers

It is a responsible and labor-intensive task to find a supplier who will satisfy all the requirements. Building relationships takes time, especially during the international work. Saule Logistics is working with manufacturers and suppliers in China, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia. We have a head office in Beijing, the official representative in Phuket, which makes it possible to efficiently control supplies, to organize meetings and to send trial batches.
Service description:

Saule Logistics offers a range of 3PL services to customers whose business requires interaction with other countries.

We will:

1. Assist you in finding a supplier from China

2. Organize regular deliveries

3. Choose best route and type of transportation

4. Arrange customs clearance

5. Control cargo safety.

Our professionals have extensive experience working with manufacturers and suppliers in the field of industrial logistics, supply of industrial products from China and other countries in Southeast Asia to the industrial enterprises in Russia, CIS and Baltic States.

The way we work:

Organization of meetings with manufacturer or its representatives, visits of exhibitions and production centers, shipping of samples, models and trial batches. Translation of technical documents, contracts and agreements as well as search for suppliers.

Why Saule Logistics:

●      Integrated approach to the organization of export-import transactions

●      Extensive experience in finding suppliers and organization of work with manufacturer

●      Already built and optimized supply chain of products

●      Set of advanced solutions for distribution

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