Where is my cargo now?

Motor freight transportation

Motor freight transportation provides an opportunity to plan flexible schedule and route to deliver cargo “door to door”. Saule Logistics performs international road transportation in Eurasia since 2005 including exports and imports, urgent transportation by truck, cargo pick up, and logistics to the customs post.
Complex cycle of logistics services
“Door to door” cargo delivery
Operational support in 5 offices across Europe, Asia, and Russia
Flexible routes
Cargo and directions:
All types of cargo: prefabricated, complete, liquid tank, in gauge and off gauge cargo, heavy load, dangerous and demanding a special temperature mode.

●      South-East Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India) → Russia, the CIS

●      Countries of Europe, the CIS → Russia,

●      Transportation within Europe and the CIS

●      Multi-modal transportation involving highway transport

Motor freight transportation specifics in Saule Logistics:

We offer a range of services for effective communications between members of the logistics chain, cargo safety and optimal value. Saule Logistics organizes the entire process of motor freight transportation:

●      Logistics services – selection of the best and profitable route with the best time and price calculation

●      Warehousing – consolidation, storage of cargo in our warehouses across Europe, Russia, and Asia.

●      Customs clearance of import, export and transit

●      Cargo servicing including insurance, documents preparation, packaging, labeling, etc.

●      Accounting support of foreign economic trade, financial consultation and help with taxes and duties.