Where is my cargo now?

Solutions for distribution

This is a set of measures aimed at promoting products from the manufacturer to the end consumer. At the same time, the experts of Saule Logistics are ready to take on the entire process, from the search of necessary goods and the supplier to the complex organization of international transportation with transshipment and distribution warehouses, customs clearance and “door-to-door” delivery.
Service description:

Our solutions for distribution provide you with a real opportunity to free yourself from a whole range of actions to deliver the cargo from the manufacturer to your customers. At the same time, we have the solutions not only in the delivery, but also in sales:

●     Control of remaining products and financial costs

●     Prevention of overstocking and cash deficit

●     Sales plan implementation

The way we work:

Saule Logistics offers a range of 3PL services. This means that we perform the following actions on behalf of your company

1.     Buying goods abroad,

2.    Deliver them, choosing the best method and route of delivery

3.    Distributing or consolidating cargo in our own and leased warehouses

4.    Carrying out customs clearance of import, export or transit

5.    Delivering cleared products with all the necessary and relevant documents to you, including a copy of the customs declaration.

We can get involved at any stage of this process, in case you have set solutions for some stages. We also provide:

●      supplier relationship management (SRM)

●      payables and receivables management

●      logistics costs optimization

●      forecasting of financial results of the application of logistics solutions

●      distribution plan for the future

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